Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV)

Located at Tan Son Nhut Air Base outside Saigon, the U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV), was a unified command subject to the direction of the Commander in Chief, Pacific. The MACV commander was responsible for all American military activities in Vietnam. MACV was first established at Saigon on February 8, 1962, after President John F. Kennedy had ordered an increase in U.S. military personnel. The Military Advisory and Assistance Group (MAAG), which had been in Vietnam since November 1955 remained in charge of advising ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam), but on May 15, 1964, MACV succeeded MAAG in that responsibility as well. Between that reorganization on May 15, 1964, and its departure from Vietnam on March 29, 1973, MACV directed the United States Army, Vietnam; Naval Forces Vietnam; the Seventh Air Force; III Marine Amphibious Force; the Fifth Special Forces Group; I Field Force Vietnam; II Field Force Vietnam; the XXIV Corps; and a variety of pacification programs. Four people commanded MACV: General Paul Harkins (February 1962 to June 1964); General William Westmoreland (June 1964 to July 1968); General Creighton Abrams (July 1968 to June 1972); and General Frederick Weyand (June 1972 to March 1973).